The section of the website gathers together a series of book reviews, many of them extended commentaries, close readings, textual deconstructions, and in-depth analyses of books often referred to throughout the site:

  • Charles Alan Wright on Witness, Saturday Review (1952)
  • David Levin on Witness, Six Crises and In the Court of Public OpinionThe Virginia Quarterly Review (1976)
  • Victor S. Navasky on Weinstein’s Perjury in The Nation, (1978)
  • Jeff Kisseloff on Weinstein’s use of evidence in Perjury (1978)
  • Attorney Stephen Jones on Perjury in the Oklahoma Law Review (1978)
  • David Levin on Perjury and gaps in the case narrative in Prospects (1994)
  • William A. Reuben on Firsov, Haynes and Klehr’s The Secret World of American Communism in Rights (1995)
  • David Levin on Tanenhaus’s Whittaker Chambers in The Sewanee Review (1997)
  • Victor S. Navasky on the 1997 Edition of Perjury and Tanenhaus’s Claims about Noel Field in The Nation (1997)
  • Amy Knight on Christopher Andrew’s The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive in The Wilson Quarterly (2000)
  • Jeff Kisseloff on Ann Coulter’s Treason (2003 – pdf file)
  • Jeff Kisseloff on G. Edward White’s Alger Hiss’s Looking Glass Wars (2004)
  • Tony Hiss on G. Edward White’s Alger Hiss’s Looking Glass Wars (2004 – letter to the editor)
  • Jeff Kisseloff on Susan Jacoby’s Alger Hiss and the Battle for History (2009)
  • Jeff Kisseloff on Haynes, Klehr and Vassiliev’s Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America (2009)
  • John R. MacArthur on Joan Brady’s America’s Dreyfus: The Case Nixon Rigged in The Spectator (2015 – external link)