Chambers, March 1946

Whittaker Chambers repeated his claim that he broke with the Communist Party in 1937 in a number of subsequent interviews, including one with the FBI in March 1946. The highlighted portion of this 1946 FBI memo reads:

He recalled that after 1937 he was of course no longer actively associated with the Communist Party and since he was actively engaged in his association with the Time Magazine he had lost all contact with ALGER HISS and the only information that he has concerning him is that which has appeared recently in the various newspapers which have attempted to attach him in someway to the Communist Party. He stated that as a matter of fact he has absolutely no information that would conclusively prove that HISS held a membership card in the Communist Party or that he was an actual dues paying member of the Communist Party even while he was active prior to 1937. He volunteered that he knew that in 1937 HISS was favorably impressed with the Communist movement and was of the present opinion that HISS was still of the same beliefs.